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During the crop season 2016 we could harvest much more fodder than the year before. That way we have started the winter period with much fodder on stock. Also the milk production has reached a good level.


Zoloti Luky Milk Processing Unit

In November we have celebrated 10 Years Zoloti Luky. With that, we have inaugurated our newly build milk processing unit and are now slowly starting the processing. The building meets European standards and its dimensions allow us in future, to economically process our own produced milk.






The current political situation have only indirect influence to the farm. Our region is quiet and stable; live goes its normal pace. Of course, the economic difficulties affect also Zoloti Luky. As we are working with foreign credits, the weakening of the Hriwna is our main concern. However, due to good operational results we hope compensating this point for the near future.


On September 30th 2011 the Swiss Television has shown a telecast with sequences filmed on our farm. Here you can download the cast
Sequences Min : from 04:58 and 13:03

Our partner Lustoorf , who purchases and processes our milk, has recently extended its factory. An article in the local press with photos can be opened here.

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Parijvka is located in the Vinnitsa Oblast, around 70 km east of Vinnitsa and 220km south-west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

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