2011: Since January this year Vadym Rekuenko is managing Zoloti Luky on a daily basis as farm manager. Hans Ryter and Thomas Graf can now better focus on intended improvements for key precedures. Until end of November the newly buildt barn for cows in calf and young calves will go in production. With this we can better organize all work around calving and raising our small calves.

2010: With the introduction of the artificial insemination we started professional breeding with our still very heterogenic herd. Our cows could benefit from a new large hard court outside between the stable and the fodder axis as well as from the use of a fodder mixer for the winter feeding. The infrastructure was improved and animals had better air and more light inside the stables due to the installation of new roof ventilation and windows in two stables..

2009: For the first time we could sell milk during a full calendar year and earn fodder on the whole leased land. We purchased an additional large fodder storage hall and continued with intensive construction. Until the end of the year a new stable for calves and the facilities for manure handling and storage went into operation.

2008: In 2008 we have seen first results in fodder and animal production. In September the first own calf was born. In time for the winter season we could start using the newly refurbished cow barn with 220 boxes and in December the milking parlor with 2 x 8 places went into operation.

2007: In spring 2007 we bought the former farm buildings and started operative business. We recovered first fields and sawed pastures and grass mixtures for hey and silage production. We also purchased 150 calves and started developing our herd. First tractors and machines were purchased and imported. The water supply was repaired and the buildings had to be refurnished provisionally for the coming winter.

2006: After the investment agreement for the setup of a dairy farm we elaborated our strategy and started to search for an investment object. In the same year we registered our company Zoloti Luky Ltd. and signed the land lease contracts.

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