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1. Weather forecasts for Zoloti Luky
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A crucial role for the success of our dairy farm plays the weather. The better forecasts we get, the better we can organize our daily decisions during the feed harvesting period.

We therefore use various forcast sources

Zoloti Luky is located on 49°08‘ N Latitude and 29°28‘ E Longitude.


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To keep our futire production costs under control we will use our own manure consequently. Therefore we decided to invest in an effective manure storage and handling system On over 80% of the stables we collect the manure in liquid form. From the dumps in the stables we pump the manure mixed with collected rain water to our large manure storage with over 1000 m3. This way we have the valuable manure available for the distribution to our fields. For the efficient distribution we use a powerful pump and a tube system. The fertilizer costs will be reduced in long term as do not need to purchase the same amount of mineral fertilizer anymore. This system we importet from Switzerland and it seems to be still unique in Ukraine.

For more information see Manure technics

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