If you need locally support, please contact directly our staff on the farm.


Most detailed information about our emergency measures is available here in German language. In English we only summarize this information:

  • 2022.03.14
    After two weeks of war, we see that people in destroyed areas need food and therefore we decided, to restart the production of curd, yoghurt, sour cream, and cheese. Our farm should assure local food supply, working places and support people in need.
    We intend to deliver our products with discounts or donate free to people or institutions in need.
    The direct distribution channel to Kyiv, established in 2021, doesn’t work anymore. We need to setup another way of delivery. For these intended regular deliveries and donations, we aim to raise additional funds. The farm will not be in the position to donate the products for a longer period by our own means. We need also to cover increased production costs including the salaries.
    For this reason, we continue raising funds independently of the farms operations. We estimate a need of CHF 4'000 weekly in case we produce in full capacity. Any support is highly appreciated!
  • 2022.03.05
    Our villageis not directly involved in the war and on the farm operations are running properly. We are still in winter modus. The staff is assured and reorganized.
  • 2022.02.24
    We also stopped the production in our own small dairy, where we used to process a small part of our daily produced milk into curd, yoghurt, sour cream, and cheese. The dairy plant nearby continued collecting our milk daily and the payments took place too. We were afraid, that if the war affects our region, we would not be able to deliver our milk anymore. In that case we would need to process as much as possible in the own dairy, where the capacities are limited. We can process not more than one fifth of our milk.
  • 2022.02.24
    Right after the begin of Russian attacks on Ukraine we secured daily operations and opened a dedicated bank account in Switzerland to collect financial support.
    Goals of this financial support are

    - assuring the operations on the farm financially, especially the purchase of seeds for the upcoming campaign in April, the purchase of other essential inputs and the regular payments of the salaries for our 40 employees.
    - Being able to support the families of our 40 employees during individual emergency needs
    - Supporting the community and institutions in the village and in our region with donations where we feel that its needed.

Our bank account for donations:

Bank                       Berner Kantonalbank AG, Bundesplatz 8, CH - 3011 Bern, Switzerland
IBAN-Number      CH81 0079 0016 5854 6841 2

BIC / Swift             KBBECH22XXX

Account owners  Graf Thomas & Ryter Hans in CH - 3237 Brüttelen, Switzerland





Welcome to the Ukrainian Dairy farm Zoloti Luky (Golden Meadows).


In 2006 the three partners Vadym Rekunenko, Hans Ryter and Thomas Graf started setting up a dairy farm in Ukraine.

Our goal is a sustainable and long-term profitable dairy production. We therefore choose good fresh fodder during the vegetation period, high quality fodder during winter period and breed a healthy, long-living cow herd. An important success key is our estimated and reliable staff.

Zoloti Luky is located in the village Parijvka near the town Illintsi in the Vinnytsa region, about 220 km southwest of Kiyv. We cultivate around 300 ha and feed actually around 250 dairy cows and 200 calves and heifers.

In 2015 we started the construction of a small milk processing unit on the farm site. Since 2016 our production was running on an experimental level until 2018. Since 2018 the dairy is certified and we are producing regularly our on natural and healthy dairy products. Actually we are working on our branding and we are improving tha packaging of our products accordingly. Our products are available not only in our region, but since 2018 also in the district capital Vinnytsa and since autumn 2021 even in Kyiv. In 2020 we decided to expand our production capacity though the installation of a semi-automated pasteurization and homogenization unit. The delivery of this unit was delayed due to Covid-restrictions, but since February 2022 the installation has started and we intend to go in production by the end of this year.

The website will be soon adapted and inform future consumers of our products about products, animal welfare and healthy food ingredients.

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