Welcome to the Ukrainian Dairy farm Zoloti Luky (Golden Meadows).

In 2006 the three partners Vadym Rekunenko, Hans Ryter and Thomas Graf started setting up a dairy farm in Ukraine.

Our goal is a sustainable and long-term profitable dairy production. We therefore choose good fresh fodder during the vegetation period, high quality fodder during winter period and breed a healthy, long-living cow herd. An important success key is our estimated and reliable staff.

Zoloti Luky is located in the village Parijvka near the town Illintsi in the Winnitsa region, about 220 km southwest of Kiyv. We cultivate around 300 ha and feed actually around 250 dairy cows and 200 calves and heifers.

In 2015 we started the construction of a small milk processing unit on the farm site. The start of the artisanal production of several dairy products is planned for 2016.

The website will be adapted and inform future consumers of our products about products, animal welfare and sustainability standards applied on our farm.

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